Loan with credit bureau entry and unemployment.

In the case of negative Credit Bureau bookings, a loan application at the above-mentioned institutions is hopeless. But there are also providers who do not pay particular attention to the Credit Bureau entries. Loans for the unemployed – only possible with collateral. In addition, there should be no negative Credit Bureau entry. The Credit Bureau entry is there, the chances of getting a loan decrease significantly.

Unable to pay a loan from the house bank due to unemployment figures.

Unable to pay a loan from the house bank due to unemployment figures.

If you are unable to pay a loan from the house bank due to unemployment figures. The loan was canceled. This is referred to in the Credit Bureau as a “billing account”. The title is also noted. A now has a regular salary again and has resumed payments after consultation with the house bank.

What happens now with the negative booking, ie the “settlement account” there? Settlement account means that the negative balance there is currently “settled” (regulated / paid / converted). This entry remains there until the end of the third year after full payment (see above) and is not contestable due to its factual accuracy.

The account is still in a processable state since not everything has been paid yet. “There are two bookings for a credit. First as a normal loan with loan amount and installment. Then a second entry, which is referred to as the “billing account”. There is the loan as the due date and the balance.

This is already an essential difference to “account in liquidation”.

This is already an essential difference to "account in liquidation".

As a rule, a clearing account is used as a collective account for payment transactions in the course of insolvency proceedings. In most cases, however, “Account in Liquidation” refers to a concept that the bank liquidation does not include, with a remaining balance. So that means exactly what I said.

A stock has been shown and is in the settlement. “Hello, yes, just like in the link that the Credit Bureau entry sees.” But A repays his loan. So it is not on the entry. At Credit Bureau, it now appears as if the company has not yet fulfilled its obligations and a canceled loan is in liquidation.

If there was another question about the subject: A had to take an affidavit because of the loan. Can this entry now be deleted? No, the entry is factually correct. She has told Credit Bureau that this custody account is in liquidation due to payment difficulties and a title. The report on the amount of money to be paid results from the signed Credit Bureau clause, which provides that any wrongdoing in relation to the loan is reported to Credit Bureau (balance, duration).

Because there were payment problems that enable reporting to Credit Bureau. The situation would be different if the sum were not mentioned and the parties had then reached an agreement with the house bank. Booking the house bank thus secures other (future) creditors who are informed that you have a very high probability of default. up to max. two.

With the publication of the VB, the entry with the electric vehicle will be deleted, which you will receive after full repayment and will present there. In addition, each of the banks can decide whether to grant you a loan. Credit Bureau does not reject the whole thing, which only informs the house bank how high the risk of default is when raising funds.

Would you lend USD 10,000 to a stranger if you knew he had no financial security and no money to repay you in the near future?

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